Element 3: Interdisciplinary training

Students will receive their training through a combination of interdisciplinary academic courses, including field courses, close collaboration with industry partners through research projects and internships, and professional development training.

(a) Webcast of university courses in fundamentals of groundwater science and remediation technologies. Students will take core courses in hydrogeology, geochemistry, environmental microbiology, simulation methods, and remediation engineering. Each core course will be offered once annually with the use of videoconferencing to allow trainees from all partner institutions to participate.

(b) Technical short courses: including oxidation, reduction, thermal, and bioremediation technologies. Courses will be delivered by industry experts and students from all institutions will attend in-person.

(c) Professional short courses: short courses will be developed with industry partners in the same framework as in (a), but focused on aspects such as environmental legislation, health and safety, field-based methods, best practices, intellectual property rights, entrepreneurship, and business development. Trainees will be expected to take a minimum of three of these short courses.