INTEGRATE – July 22 2011 to March 31 2017

Innovative Combined Treatment Technologies for Remediating Contaminated Groundwater

NOTE: The INTEGRATE Project ended on March 31 2017.

Finding solution to a legacy of contaminated soils and groundwater that exist throughout Canada in the form of brownfield sites is the target of our research group. We apply innovative combinations of treatment technologies that will lead to brownfield rehabilitation and allow for subsequent re-use of the land.

Contaminated industrial and commercial sites, also known as brownfield sites, here and abroad represent a significant economic opportunity. But redeveloping them is a challenge because current cleanup techniques are expensive and time consuming. At the University of Toronto, Prof. Brent Sleep is developing innovative water treatment technologies to restore these properties, research that will help to put Ontario companies at the leading edge of the fast growing site redevelopment market.

This project is a collaboration of University of Toronto, Western University, and Queen’s University. It involves the private sector and this partnership will allow field trials involving a wide variety of contaminants, including chlorinated solvents and fuels.

What is the challenge?