National and International Opportunities

RENEW trainees will have opportunities to work with collaborators at other academic institutions on collaborative research projects. Opportunities exist for collaborations with our Brazilian academic and industrial partners (de Freitas at UNIFESP and de Nascimento at USP, and de Oliveira at Hidroplan). Opportunities also exist with Nanjing University, China (Professor Ye), University of Stuttgart (Helmig), Oklahoma State (Kibbey) and Tufts (Pennell).

Professors Johnson (Arizona State) and Thomson lead a 5-yr project funded by Chevron including Pennell (Tufts), Sleep, Edwards, Acosta, and Gerhard, allowing trainees to work with multinational energy companies.

Additional opportunities for international exposure exist through collaborations on thermal remediation methods with Torero (Queensland), Switzer (Strathclyde), and Rein (Imperial College). Collaborations with Carrera at the Consejo Superior de Investigationes Cientificas (Spain) will provide exposure to a leading governmental research organization.

Industrial stream applications

Through the RENEW program students will be able to interact with PIs that have collaboration and proven track record with industry partners. Job readiness will be improved by providing trainees with the interdisciplinary technical and professional skills that are in demand in the environmental sector. On the technical side, these include familiarity with site assessment and monitoring, sampling, field logistics, and remediation techniques and their challenges. Professional skills include project management, effective communication with non-experts, and familiarity with the business and regulatory landscapes. Firm commitments for industrial internships will accommodate all trainees for 20% of their time in the program, have been provided by seven of our industrial partners.